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Tai Mall TWD2000

TaiMall Shopping Center, located in Nankan, Taoyuan, opened on July 4, 1999 as the first large-scale shopping center in Taiwan.


Format: Link

Expiry date: At least 180days.

How to redeem: Please show and use at checkout



1. The eGift Card should be redeemed by 180 days from the date of purchase by going through URL and enter “Redeem Code”. The request to extend the validity of the offer or to use it after expiration will not be accepted.

2.  This coupon cannot be used in any bonus consumption accumulation, membership points, parking discount or other marketing activities in the museum

3. Please present this coupon before checkout. Manual copy or oral serial number is not acceptable.

4. This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or change. It can be used several times until the balance reaches zero.

5. This coupon is not applicable to some counters, please click the following link:

6. For the store Information please click the following link:

Tai Mall TWD2000

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