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Pacific Sogo is a department store chain, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.


Format: Link

Expiry date: At least 180days.

How to redeem:

1. You need to download the Far East SOGOAPP(download link: // After downloading/registering, log in the APP and click "E-coupon". The system will automatically remit the e-coupon to the member account.

2. Log in to SOGOAPP and click "E-gift Coupons" to enter the usage page

3. After entering the use page, click "Commodity Balance Certificate", enter the amount you want to use and then enter your password to complete the payment



1. The eGift Card should be redeemed by 180 days from the date of purchase by going through URL and enter “Redeem Code”. The request to extend the validity of the offer or to use it after expiration will not be accepted.

2.  This coupon can be used in different times, but cannot be exchanged for cash or change

3. This coupon is not applicable to purchase far East SOGO Department store gift certificate or gift certificate

4. Holders of this coupon can participate in bonus giving activities in the museum and HappyGO card accumulation

5. Unified invoice has been issued when this coupon is sold, and no unified invoice will be issued when commodity is exchanged.

6.Store Information please refer to

7. It can only be used in far east SOGO department store, including chung hsiao, fuxing, dunhua, tien mu, chun-li, hsin-chu BigCity, kaohsiung, but you need to check with the counter to see if they accept gift certificates before using.

Nespresso Boutique and Fuxing Boutique CHANEL, LV select counters are not applicable.

8. Not applicable to Far East Department Store (//, Dayuan Bai (//, IMai, Far East Shopping Center (except Far East Hotel) and Far East Great City Shopping center Big City, Pacific Department Store and Taichung Guangsan SOGO are not belonging to Far East Group, so they are not applicable.


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