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Hung Fook Tong $20 eVoucher

Format: Link

Expiry date: Valid until 30 Apr 2023



1. This eGift voucher can be redeemed at any Hung Fook Tong stores in Hong Kong at its face value for the original priced products only (discounted and promotional products are excluded).

2. This gift voucher is eligible to redeem our Healthy Home-Made Soup Series, Herbal Jelly Series, Healthy Herbal Tea Series, Nourishing Deluxe Drink Series, Home-Made Joyous Series, Home-Made Festive Series, Home-Made Snacks, Home-Made CongeeRiceNoodle Series, Home-Made Dessert Series and Fresh Soybean Milk Series products etc. at their original prices.

3. If the purchase exceeds the amount of the voucher's face value, the remaining balance must be paid by cash. The remaining value of the voucher is not refundable, exchangeable, redeemable for cash or transferred to JIKA Club member's account balance. No change will be given either in cash or in other form. The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon.

4. This voucher is not exchangeable for cash and/or used in conjunction with other Hung Fook Tong discount offers. No change will be given either in cash or in other form.

5. This voucher is not applicable for purchase of (including but not limited to) Hung Fook Tong Home-Made selected coupons, gift vouchers, or adding value service for JIKA Club Card nor Octopus Card.

6. Please present this voucher before payment.

7. Hung Fook Tong may adjust the product prices or change products from time to time. QUALITY OF LIFE PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED生活良方產品有限公司 reserves its right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.

Hung Fook Tong $20 eVoucher

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