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DON DON DONKI $100 Voucher Coupon

Expiry date: 1 year from now



Gift voucher can be used at all DON DON DONKI Hong Kong outlets (except Food Court tenants) and the values equivalent to the Hong Kong currency as printed.
Payable amount exceeding the voucher value is to be paid in Cash, Octopus Card or Credit Card.
No charge will be given for purchase below the voucher value.
Gift voucher is void upon any loss, damage or expiry without any replacement or compensation.
Merchandise(s) which redeemed by using gift voucher can only be returned at the store where the merchandise(s) redeemed, and not exchangable for cash under any circumstances
Not applicable to designated products, such as cigarettes and designated milk powder, etc.
dMiles will only be awarded for gift voucher amount upon usage during payment by member with a valid account.
Multiple vouchers of the same value can be stacked and combined for use in the same transaction.
Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions / coupons.
The issuer reserves the right of the final decisions.

DON DON DONKI $100 Voucher Coupon

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