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Carrefour TWD500

At Carrefour Market, you can find not only food but also many non-food and seasonal products that satisfy your needs.


Format: Link

Expiry date: At least 180days.

How to redeem:

To use carrefour e-coupon, you must present the e-coupon at checkout. However, to avoid disputes, handwritten serial number or oral serial number, print or screen shot are not acceptable.



1. The eGift Card should be redeemed by 180 days from the date of purchase by going through URL and enter “Redeem Code”. The request to extend the validity of the offer or to use it after expiration will not be accepted.

2. The e-gift could be used in all brand of Carrefour to buy goods, but not for bulk delivery, purchases for goods delivery coupons, gift CARDS, and payment of certain goods and services (such as: installation cost, shipping cost), or other designated commodities such as carrefour, carrefour shopping street and consumption of food court also will not be applicable.

3. Due to the regulations of the government, e-gift card can not be used to pay the consumption of the collection and sale business, such as: Youyou card, ICash value storage, Era ticket, Carrefour telecom fee, Yushan credit card fee, etc.

4. In accordance with the laws and regulations, carrefour egift card shall not be used for any goods (including but not limited to cigarettes, alcohol, infant milk powder and non-food products under one year old, etc.) which are not allowed to be sold by discount or bonus.

5. When you make a purchase in Carrefour e-gift certificate store, you only have the consumption details, and no unified invoice will be issued

6. The electronic gift certificate is not used up all at one time, you can deduct money for many times until the balance returns to 0, and you can pay by showing the serial number of the original unconsumed Carrefour electronic gift certificate at checkout

7. Store Information please click the following link:

Carrefour TWD500

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